About DistriPartners

Since its establishment in 2009, DistriPartners has been on the forefront of bringing innovation to markets across Western Europe. We have successfully specialized in consumer electronics, robotics, tech toy and educational robotics.

Today our products can be found with over 3300 doors of all well-known retailers and with the largest etailers of Europe. At the same time we have built up great expertise and infrastructure to sell direct to consumers and/or schools.

Besides distributing products we also bring complete concepts to our area, with Quirky.com being a good example on a state-of-the-art worldwide co-creation platform. Over 1 mln people are working together to bring the best product ideas to live, the continuous flow of products is amazing. Besides making sure all products are distributed at the right partners we also contribute to PR, localizing the platform and evangelizing the concept towards the general public.

Our latest addition to our portfolio is again based on a recent and upcoming technology called Virtual Reality. We will be delivering the range of VR-Entertain to our partners over the coming months.